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Kontroversi Nama Allah

Kesalahan terjemahan
Di Indonesia kata "Allah", itu bukan sinonim dari kata "Tuhan", sebab pemahaman kata "Allah" sendiri antara Kristen dan Katholik dengan Islam berbeda. Jika diklarifikasi, berdasarkan pemakaian kata "Allah" pada umat Kristen dan Katholik, akan berprinsip bahwa Allah itu "Roh", sedangkan Islam berprinsip "Allah" itu zat, kalau kata "Allah" itu merupakan "bahasa" seharusnya antara umat Kristen dan Katholik dengan Islam serta dengan umat agama lain seperti Hindu dan Budha, akan punya pemahaman yang sama. Jadi penggunaan kata "Allah" oleh umat Kristen dan Katolik selama ini, merupakan kesalahan terjemahan. Contohnya: Kata "kursi" yang mengadopsi dari bahasa Arab Al-kursi baik umat Kristen, Katholik, Islam, Hindu dan Budha, dapat memiliki persepsi yang sama dari arti kata tersebut yaitu tempat untuk duduk., sedangkan kata Allah, umat Hindu dan Budha tidak pernah memakainya sebagai sinonim dari kata Tuhan sebab kata "Allah" itu nama diri yang tidak boleh dan tidak bisa diterjemahkan.

Allah itu nama tuhannya umat Islam
Kata "Allah" juga bukan berasal dari kata "Al-ilah" karena:
  1. Allah itu nama tuhannya umat Islam, buktinya umat Islam di Amerika jika sembahyang akan mengucapkan "Allahu akbar" bukan "God akbar"
  2. Allah bukan berasal dari al-ilah dengan menghilangkan alif seperti penjelasan para dosen Islamologi, sehingga tinggal "lah" sebab artinya akan berubah, bukan nama tuhannya umat Islam atau sebutan untuk "dewa" atau sesembahan lagi, melainkan lisyakshin atau baginya laki-laki.
  3. Ilah itu sudah satu paket kosakata yang tidak bisa dipenggal, karena kata benda bukan kata kerja.
  4. Ilah bisa dimasukkan alif lam karena ilah adalah gelar atau sebutan sedangkan Allah itu tidak bisa karena nama pribadi.
    Contoh : Ustaadzun guru laki-laki, bisa dimasukkan alif lam, sehingga menjadi al-ustaadzu, tetapi Fatimah tidak bisa ditulis menjadi al-Fatima karena Fatimah itu nama pribadi atau nama orang.
  5. Ilah atau al-ilah ada mutsannahnya yaitu ilahaani artinya dua tuhan atau dua dewa, sedangkan Allah tidak ada mutsannahnya/tatsniyah-nya, kalau ada artinya bukan Allah lagi tetapi Allahaani, ini mengganti nama sesembahannya umat Islam.
    Contoh : Fatimah kalau di-mutsannah- kan menjadi Fatimataani yang berarti bukan lagi Fatimah tetapi berubah menjadi Tante Fatimataani.
  6. Ilah atau al-ilah bisa diterjemahkan menjadi dewa atau sesuatu yang disembah sedang "Allah" tidak bisa diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa apa pun karena nama pribadi. Silakan baca sendiri di Kamus Indonesia-Arab-Inggris Karangan Abd bin Nuh dan Oemar Bakri halaman 76.
  7. Allah bukan berasal dari hamzah, lam, ha karena kalau diuraikan secara ilmu shorof (ilmu yang menguraikan kata kerja) tidak pernah ditemukan, baik fiil madhinya/past tense, mudhori'nya/present continous tense, maupun mashdarnya/kata kerja yang tidak ada waktunya atau sumber kata. Yang ada hamzah, lam, lam, ha, atau allaha, tetapi kalau diuraikan secara wazan/ukuran /timbangan dalam ilmu shorof juga tidak bisa menjadi Allah.
    Contoh: "Allaha" dengan wazan af'ala-yuf'ilu-if'aalan. Jadi kalau kita uraikan secara nahwu shorof "Allaha" menjadi: Allaha-yullihu-illaahan. Dan itu bukan Allah tetapi sebutan.
Tidak ada satu pun makhluk yang berhak memakai nama "Allah". Maka manusia hanya boleh memakai nama Abdullah (hamba Allah), Abdurrahman (hamba Allah Yang Maha Rahman), dll. Karena itulah kata "Allah" tidak boleh diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa apa pun. Maka terjemahan "Allah" menjadi God (bahasa Inggris) atau Tuhan (Indonesia) adalah tindakan yang batil. Karena God bisa diubah menjadi bentuk jama' (Gods) dan Tuhan bisa diubah menjadi bentuk jamak (Tuhan-tuhan). Sedangkan Allah tidak bisa diubah menjadi bentuk jamak. (hf)

First Encyclopedia of Islam, E.J. Brill, 1987, Islam, p. 302, 587-591:
"Allah, the Supreme Being of the Mussulmans: Before Islam. That the Arabs, before the time of Muhammed, accepted and worshipped, after a fashion, a supreme god called Allah,--"the Ilah, or the god, if the form is of genuine Arabic source; if of Aramaic, from Alaha, "the god"-seems absolutely certain. Whether he was an abstraction or a development from some individual god, such as Hubal, need not here be considered...But they also recognized and tended to worship more fervently and directly other strictly subordinate gods...It is certain that they regarded particular deities (mentioned in 1iii. 19-20 are al-'Uzza, Manat or Manah, al-Lat'; some have interpreted vii, 179 as a reference to a perversion of Allah to Allat as daughters of Allah (vi. 100; xvi, 59; xxxvii, 149; 1iii, 21); they also asserted that he had sons (vi. 100)..."There was no god save Allah". This meant, for Muhammed and the Meccans, that of all the gods whom they worshipped, Allah was the only real deity. It took no account of the nature of God in the abstract, only of the personal position of Allah. ...ilah, the common noun from which Allah is probably derived...".

(John Hagee)

The name Allah came from an Arabic word that had to do with the worship of the moon god in pre-Islamic Arabia. "Allah" cannot be found in the Hebrew Old Testament or the Greek New Testament.

Allah is not the same as God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. According to the Bible, God is knowable! Jesus Christ came into the world that we might know God (John 17:3). God's Word tells us that man can come into a personal relationship with God the Father. He said, "Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know" (Jeremiah 33:3). God wants to love you…today…just as you are!" For God so loved the world that He gave…" (John 3:16). "God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him" (1 John 4:16).

But in Islam, Allah is unknowable. He is so exalted that no man can ever personally know Allah. The Allah of the Quran is so distant, so far off, so abstract, that no one can know him. And Muslim believers can never know the love of Allah until Judgment Day when they find out if Allah loves them and will invite them into paradise. In his book Jesus and Muhammad, Mark Gabriel, a former devout Muslim, says: "If you ask a Muslim, 'Do you know how much Allah loves you?" he will respond, 'I don't know how much he loves me. Only Allah knows".

He gives this example from his own life:
"When I was living as a Muslim in Egypt, I was always puzzled by a little saying that the Christians used to put on their cars or frame in their shops. The phrase was God (he said Allah) is love. Those two words are never put together in the Quran. I always thought, I wonder what these people are trying to say".

The god of Islam is totally different from the God we know. The Quran tells us that the god of Islam works with Satan and demons to lead people astray in order to populate the hell he created (Surah 6:39, 126; 32:13; 43:36-37). When you turn to the Quran, you discover that Allah told Muhammad his prophet. Jesus Christ never told His disciples to kill anyone. When Peter attacked the Roman soldier who came to arrest Christ and take Him to the cross, Jesus healed the soldier - a soldier who later nailed Him to the cross. That's love!

The love relationship between Jesus and God the Father was reflected in Jesus' relationship with His followers. Jesus told His disciples that God loved them: "The Father Himself loves you, because you have loved Me, and have believed that I came forth from God" (John 16:27).

Mark Gabriel describes the differences between our God and the god of Islam with this words: "For Jesus, God is loving father; for Muhammad, Allah in a demanding master. The description sets the tone regarding love for all their other relationship…Allah finds new believers who will serve him better. In contrast, God the Father searches for the one lost lamb until He finds it and brings it home rejoicing. This is the difference between Allah and God".
(From the book: Jerusalem Countdown pages 41-42 by John Hagee '2006)

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